In Fond Memory

This section is to remember those who have died as a result of Fluoroquinolone antibiotic therapy.  We sympathize with the family members who have lost their loved one due to these antibiotics.  We only hope that through telling the stories these tragedies can be prevented.  If an email address is provided with the story, please send along anything you can to help these fine people through a most difficult time in their lives. 


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Name Medication Cause of Death
Kristen Avelox A form of Stevens-Johnson syndrome
25 Year Old Male Cipro Hematological adverse event (bled to death)
Kim Cipro No clear cause of death, physicians determined a massive heart attack
P.A.H. Cipro Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
77 Year Old Female Levaquin Rhabdomyolysis
Barbara's Mother Levaquin Liver Failure
Hedy Levaquin Hemolytic anemia
Jane Doe Levaquin Rhabdomyolysis as a result of Levaquin
Michael Levaquin Hydrocephalus
Michael's Dad Levaquin Massive liver necrosis (i.e.-tissue destruction), consistent with drug or toxin reaction.
Mrs. Moore Levaquin Liver Failure
Paul Levine Levaquin Suicide due to severe pain in multiple body systems
P. B. Levaquin Stroke resulting from Levaquin