A Petition to the United States Congress


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A petition To the United States Congress:

I, (Name)  _________________________________________am signing this petition to request the United States Congress to immediately take action to protect American consumers from the serious adverse drug reactions that are occurring from a class of antibiotics known as “Fluoroquinolones”. These serious adverse drug reactions often leave victims with long-term or permanent, crippling disabilities, and cause preventable deaths. 

A few of the better known antibiotics include; Ciprofloxacin - (Cipro), Levofloxacin - (Levaquin), Ofloxacin – (Floxin), Moxifloxacin – (Avelox), and Gatifloxacin –(Tequin).”  

The respective pharmaceutical manufacturers and the FDA have failed to adequately warn the American public of the inherent risks associated with the use of this class of antibiotics and as a result many of these reactions are occurring unnecessarily and should have never occurred. 

There are no known effective treatments or cures for a fluoroquinolones adverse drug reaction. 

I am signing this petition to formally request that Congress conduct an investigation and hold hearings to remedy this serious problem and to provide corrective action leading to proper warnings, proper prescribing and also research into effective treatment outcomes for a fluoroquinolones adverse drug reaction. 

I am respectfully requesting that the United States Congress immediately and fully investigate the misconduct of the respective pharmaceutical companies and the FDA and to implement a procedure for the victims of this misconduct to be compensated for the damages they have suffered not withstanding existing statutes of limitations.



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I, (Name) __________________________took the Fluoroquinolone aka (Quinolone)

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to treat the medical condition of ________________________________________

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Signed: _________________________________ Date: _______________________


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