Alice's Story

In November 2004 had a UTI (first one ever) and was given Levaquin by my primary care doctor. Although the UTI was getting better, some symptoms like heart racing, teeth chattering, leg and arm tingling persisted then subsided until December 2004. At that time I thought I was having another UTI and I was snowed in so called the on-call doc and got another Rx of Levaquin and took it for 4 days then stopped because I felt awful. Since December I have been to the emergency room once because I thought I was having a heart attack (chest pain and left arm numbness - odd sensation in jaw) but no cardiac problem was found. The following week I went to my doctor with abdominal pain and pulse in abdomen and was sent to hospital for CT of abdomen and then MRI of head and neck (was also having neck pain). Have seen gastroentologist (for the ab pain and had a colonoscopy and all ok there) -- went to a neurologist, but he has not looked at my MRI, only the radiologists report and I don't get to see him again until March 9th. I've had NUMEROUS blood work all normal --

Some days I feel good - no symptoms, then out of the blue I feel very nauseated and my left leg feels heavy and weak -- sometimes arm tingling or icy feeling in arms -- teeth chattering sometimes at night with heart racing (that feeling like you've drank too much coffee). I have not taken ANY medication for over two months now -- not even aspirin or Tylenol -- Have hot flashes and night sweats (or whatever they are) all the time -- my blood pressure used to be low (122/50) and now it goes between 155-168 over 90 --

when I told my doctor that I had been looking on the internet about possible reaction to Levaquin he said 'oh I doubt it' -- I am frustrated, especially today 2/21/05, because I went to bed feeling nauseated, had those teeth chattering or jittery feelings and leg pain and still have all those symptoms this morning. When I am feeling 'normal' I tend to forget about it and hope that it has all passed. However, in reading these stories I know I have a ways to go. I am going to ask my doctor about the connection to Levaquin tomorrow when I see her and still plan to keep my 3/9 appointment with the neurologist. I have called the neurologist several times, but they don't call me back except to tell me last week that they wanted to send me to a rheumatologist!

I have felt like many of you who feel you are going crazy, but know that there is something going on here and I plan to tell everyone I know and care about to not ever take Levaquin or any of the other drugs in that family!!

Last Updated 2/21/05