Andy's Story

In mid-July of 2003 I was seen by my PCP (primary care physician) for chest congestion he diagnosed as Bronchitis bordering on Pneumonia

For the first five days I was treated with Biaxin but only got worse. During the second week I was rushed to a local ER for difficulty breathing. While there, I was treated with Albuterol and told to finish Biaxin, and released. Two days later I saw my PCP for a follow-up visit. At this time I was prescribed Levaquin, Albuterol, Prednisone and Motrin 800mg.

After my seven day course of Levaquin I was about crippled with pain and swelling in my left foot and left knee. Left shoulder and chest pain followed along with anxiety and depression. I have not been able to work much since due to tendon pain in my heels and feet, as well as severe fatigue.

I've been impacted tremendously financially because I've been self employed as a remodeling contractor for the past nine years. My business is all but gone. My family has been very supportive, but they really can't understand the severity of the pain I'm constantly dealing with. It has been a very hard time for us all.

I was four months into this nightmare before I found there were problems with these medications. I was never warned about these potentially disabling reactions, and had I been warned I would have insisted on another course of action.

Last Updated 6/12/04