Beverly's Story

This all started after taking Cipro for a UTI. I took 500mg three times/day for 10 days.

The third day after I got off the Cipro came down with clostridium difficile colitis. Symptoms include: fever, chills, rapid heart rate, severe mucousy diarrhea (up to 20x day), extreme malaise that was so bad couldn't get out of the bed. At first I thought I had the flu so let these symptoms go for four days before calling GI doctor who ordered a stool sample taken to the hospital for diagnosis.

I have been fighting this disease for 11 months now. The only way to kill the bacterial overgrowth in my colon is by taking another antibiotic. Vancocin. I have tried repeated times to get off this drug and always relapse. As long as I take the Vancocin I am not symptomatic. Have had wonderful help and support with the cdiffsupport website.

This has totally affected my life. I deal with it every day. The financial impact is staggering due to the cost of Vancocin and probiotics. I wonder if I will ever get rid of this bacterial overgrowth in my colon. (The Cipro killed off all my good bacteria and allowed this bad clostridium to overgrow.) There are hundreds of people like me out there.

Last Updated 7/28/04