Christina's Story

I took Levaquin for 2 days, was taking prednisone for 2 days prior-stopped because of reaction--could have had ADR from the combination. Started with confusion, ended up with 4 hellish nights of total insomnia, then depersonalization, hallucinations, anxiety for 2 days, then mood swings. The sleep came back and the worst of the other psychological symptoms began to disappear after day 3--thank goodness!! I was still very anxious about long-term damage. After 2 weeks most of those symptoms were gone and I could sleep--very tired, lightheaded, forgetful, confused a bit still. I was on another antibiotic (less potent one). I read that the killing of the good bacteria can lead to these symptoms--so I started on acidophilus a few days ago. The lightheadness is now gone. I am still very tired (also have pneumonia), incredibly irritable, have sort of hypochondria (but I think this is "normal" under the circumstances). My tongue was numb, but that is slowly going. My knees are really popping too. I a a big runner and am worried about starting up again.

I had to hire a sitter for a week, I am not as good of a mother. I am trying not to think about relapses. I am grateful that the Dr allowed me to stop after 2 doses. I am sure my symptoms would be worse had I not stopped. Even if I reach 100% recovery, others haven't and I don't want others to go through what I did. I will update if anything changes.

Last Updated 8/14/04