Christine's story

I took Floxin as prescribed by my doctor when I was 26.

After only a week I had lost pretty much all use of my hands. I knew it had to be a reaction, so my doctor prescribed another antibiotic but did nothing about my reaction.

My feet were cramped up, bad pain in my knees, my legs felt like they were going to fall out of my hips. My shoulders and neck were extremely tender, and my hands were like claws. I could not pick up my legs to climb stairs, I scooted up and down. I did not know that it would continue so long.

I saw specialists and they told me there was nothing wrong. It was at that time that Fibromyalgia was gaining popularity, they suggested that could be it. I listened to them.

Today at age 31, I still have moderate to severe pain in my knees, neck, and thumbs/wrist.

Last Updated 6/25/04