Cindy's Story

I had intestinal abscess in 2001 which was drained.

However before being diagnosed I went approximately 3 weeks waiting to get into a doctor and was taking Levaquin prescribed at ER visit. Once seen by gastro I was hospitalized and was continued on Levaquin as well as flagyl. I was sent home on Levaquin and Tequin.

Approximately one week later I developed severe life-threatening diarrhea and once again hospitalized. This continued over a period of 3 months with hospitalization no less than 2weeks of each of the months. I almost died on several occasions. Once doctors realized I would continue to relapse I was given vancocin on a continuing basis. During the time I was hospitalized I developed bronchitis and was given Tequin then as well as about a month later for same condition.

Once again I was hospitalized with the clostridrium difficile diarrhea. This bacterial infection is happening all too frequently now with these broad spectrum drugs and for 20% of the people who get it they continue to relapse. The longest I can go off from the vancocin is 5 days without total relapse. ALL OF THIS from the antibiotics I was given.

My life has been ruined by these drugs. Financially, emotionally, and physically. The vancocin given to keep me alive was costing me over $1700. per month prior to my husband going back to work (as a result of this illness) and our getting on a company insurance plan.

I have made progress but still suffer chronic fatigue, dizziness, extreme anxiety and strained family relations due to extended illness. This has been going on for 3 years and NO ANSWERS from doctors. Quality of life is such that if I die tomorrow it would probably be devastating only to my dogs (who would miss me) because all the rest of my family are sick to death of me being ill and feeling bad most of the time.

Out of 7 days in a week I feel like total yuck at least 4. No way I could work and due to high financial medical pressures--I need to!

My mind was so foggy for the first year that I could not even remember when to take my medicine or if I had. Mind has cleared somewhat but I am nowhere near back to my original sharp self.

Last Updated 7/13/04