Colin's Story

I was initially prescribed a 14 day course of Levaquin in January of 2004 for a sinus infection.  This was taken with Prednisone.  Following sinus surgery in March 2004, I was given 18 days of Avelox.  This, too, was taken with Prednisone.  After about 13 days of taking Avelox, I began to get aching pain in my calves and Achilles tendons.  Then I developed wrist pain, pins and needles sensations in my hands, and a chicken pox-like rash in both palms.  This was in addition to insomnia and extreme anxiety.  My ENT told me to stop the meds, and the leg problems cleared up.  The issues with my hands, however, never did.  I've been off Avelox for a month, and have carpal-tunnel like symptoms (nerve inflammation) of the wrists.  The rash seems to come and go, but has improved over the last week or so.  The anxiety is a little less now, but I still have problems sleeping.

Unlike many people here, my GP actually attributed these problems to the Avelox right away, and this was probably due to the rash as a big red flag. 

Last Updated 4/26/04