Cynthia's Story



 It was two nights before my wedding. I had been diagnosed with a sinus infection the day before. Following my rehearsal dinner, I took one levaquin tablet. I went to bed, and woke up two hours later feeling very strange. I got up to get a drink of water. I then felt like I was going to collapse, and then laid down on the ground before I fell. I may have lost consciousness for a moment. When I came to, my vision was blurry, and I believe my pupils were dilated. I had extreme chills. Within a few hours the symptoms subsided, and fortunately, I was able to make it down the aisle at my wedding 36 hours later. During my honeymoon (3 weeks in Australia and New Zealand) my sinusitis recurred (following the Levaquin episode, my doctor switched me to Zithromax which did seem to help for a week or so). I went to a doctor in the outback at Ayer's Rock who prescribed Augmentin Duo (a form of Amoxicillin). After two days of that drug I started feeling week (while my respiratory infection seemed to be improving, although taking its time). I am still not sure what caused the weakness. I took the Augmentin for five days, and then managed to get some more Zithromax, which I took for another five days. I am now back home and feeling better, although I wouldn't say I was 100%.

Last Updated 4/15/04