Dorothy's Story

In 2/2004, Levaquin gave me unstable angina after three doses. In June, I had two TIAs, which may not have been related, but I experienced dizziness and blurred vision from then on.

When a different Dr. insisted I take Cipro in December, I was unaware of the relationship.

After seven doses I had terrible burning pain that moved from the left side of my lower back to the center, then up my spine. It stopped between my shoulder blades. Then at 3:00 a.m., I woke feeling as if I'd been kicked by a horse. I found this website (PTL) and stopped the Rx. Gastroenterologist said, "I don't think Cipro would cause back pain." !!! I'm so thankful not to be worse.

The detox diet is a challenge: eating every two hours, alternating carbs and protein, making everything from scratch. The chronic fatigue and mood swings were very upsetting. I am retired, so the only financial impact has been gas for trips for therapy. Insurance should pay for most of the visits. However, I can't sit for more than a short time, even with a thick pillow. Thanks so much for this website. It was a life saver.

Last Updated 2/26/05