Eileen's Story


I had same day surgery to have a basal cell carcinoma removed and the dermatologist prescribed Levaquin for 14 days. On the second day my legs and knees started hurting. A few days later, my neck and upper arm tingled and I started getting pins and needles from my shoulder into my right hand. Soon I lost sensation in my thumb and index finger of my right hand as well as the hand itself. It got progressively worse daily. On the 10th day when I mentioned my pain to a friend who is a nurse, she advised me to stop immediately and call the doctor. I never connected my leg pains or nerve pain in my arm to the drug because I was not adequately warned that these were even possible side effects. When I told the doctor he told me I was the 4th or 5th person to tell him that.

Last Updated 4/15/04