Frankie's Story

My story started the weekend of July 4th. 

Woke up in middle of night with aches and pains, running moderate fever and started having painful urination and back ache.  Was first diagnosed with kidney stones.  After several days of not passing any "stones" I went to a urologist.  Urologist took urine sample and diagnosed me with prostatitis.  I was immediately given (in the office) 1000mg of Cipro and sent for a scan.  Scan showed no kidney stones.  I was put on the normal round of Cipro XR (1000mg) 1 time a day and decreased after a week or so to 500 mg. of Cipro.

The infection in my urine cleared up, but the back pain only got worse.  Since July I have suffered sever back pain, tremors, shooting pain in my left leg (nerve) have had nausea (which they tell me is because of the pain), pain in my chest, etc. 

No one can tell me what is wrong.  The doctors are puzzled.  I have been unable to work since July 5th and I'm currently out through December 9th until my next follow-up with the neuro.  I hurt every minute of every day.  I can't enjoy anything.  I cannot walk for more than 10 minutes without being in excruciating pain.  I basically can't do anything without hurting worse. 

I was a perfectly healthy, active, physically fit 37 year old male prior to getting the prostatitis.  I want my life back and no one can tell me what is wrong nor are they having any luck fixing it.  The neuro is going to try to get a Botox injection approved with the insurance company and see if that will help with the constant muscle spasms I have in my back.  I hope it will be approved and it will work.  My family is suffering right along with me and I'm ready for this to be over.  If anyone has had success with anything please let me know.

Last Updated 10/18/04