Gail's Story

My  treatment with Cipro was in June of 2003. 

The wave of uncontrollable anxiety started in September and lasted until December.  I was almost unable to work due to the severity of the anxiety. However,  Ativan helped.  At the time of the reaction, I did not know it was an ADR.  I almost quit my job of 29 years because I was really struggling to make it through a day.  Somehow I did hang on and the symptoms began to subside. 

I stopped drinking coffee  and made sure I took my vitamins.  I tried to be very careful with myself because I was so fragile.  I am happy to say the anxiety and the tremendous weight loss (almost 30 pounds in a month or so) stopped and I am feeling pretty much like my old self.  However, I have lots and lots of weird pains in all places of my body.  Now that I know they are a left over from the Cipro, I don't worry about them too much.  The joint pain in my hips can be quite severe and I am not sure what can be done about that.

Even though this happened some time ago, I only just found out what had happened to me.  This has been very helpful and I am sure I will never take another FLOX type drug again unless I am going to die if I don't.  I intend to be very, very careful in this area.

I intend to learn more about Cipro's long term effects and what can be done to try and improve the situation.  This site a well as the Yahoo group site has been very helpful.

May all of you who have become victims of this drug find help and health.  The public NEEDS to know the risks of taking FLOX drugs. This site is a good thing.

Last Updated 10/19/04