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Cipro, 2 weeks , 500mg, twice a day, no big deal I thought. Oh yeah, and voltarol 100mg for 2 weeks, which I now find out is lethal combination. All from a top notch urological surgeon who claimed I had tender prostrate, which I certainly feel I didn't.

so what happened.

my life has been absolutely killed, destroyed. I have lost sanity, work, girlfriend, family the lot. I was a bloody happy 26 year old fitness fanatic, accountant, sociable. Now my life is over.

While taking had severe depression, suicidal thoughts, confusion, tremors, sweats, spasms, psychosis, but hey, was so confused finished treatment. 3 months on, and just out of psycho hospital ,things are bad.

This fucking drug must be stopped and I  would not give it to my worst enemy. Please mail me with advice. I need help, these drugs are too lethal. Oh yeah, had MRI, build up of tissue on brain, could bleed at any time. It has sent me nuts.

Anyone, if u read this, stop stop stop those pills. They ruin lives and if I can help 1 person, it would be great. I feel so hard done by, its untrue. Will this go away or am I destined for a life of hell after taking some poxy pills????? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gregg

6 month update from Gregg - Posted 12/07/04

This an update from about 6 months ago I guess.

Well, as u read, I ended up in a right state, really ill! No one would know unless u r posting on here! I am much better, mainly because the psychotic like symptoms have gone, I know where I am, don't think of suicide etc, it was too scary for words.

I sometimes feel shitty still, like when I had too much champagne at a party, I felt ill for about a week. I avoid chicken like the plague, but really find it hard to know what to stay clear of. What I must say is I find that this site is great, but don't go mad looking at the net, there are a lot of stories out there which might depress you.

I am certainly not the gym fanatic I was, I cant run, dance, etc yet, but i live very normal life, and hope to beat this once and for all, even if it takes years. Sometimes my body aches a lot, and I still get little tremors, but hey, its bearable. The head pressure bothers me, but i hope it will fly away soon. What I want is for these drugs to be put in the spotlight. They have embarrassed me, made me look like a mentally ill person, and of course people think u r making it up or something. I respect everyone one here, and truly believe the symptoms will disappear, in time. Love to all, feel free to mail me at Gregg :-)

Last Updated 12/07/04