Honey's Story

Started 30 minutes after my first dose (I may have taken this med before but this was my first dose this time) with severe muscle contractions all over and I couldn't walk right and I was having a hard time breathing. I thought I was having a stroke. I went by ambulance to the ER where the contractions got worse.

The doctor gave me Benedryl and morphine to ease the contractions and block a possible allergic reaction. He said it was definitely the antibiotic Avelox and to never take it again. He also said I had adverse psychotic reaction (which my doctor found to be really strange) it kept on going to develop verbal tics and moments of partial and fleeting paralysis, weakening of the body in general, causing me to slump over when I walked at times.

I continued with the muscle contractions or tics as they called them until I was stabilized with the meds. I started with Benedryl and Ativan soon followed, then Buspar was added and Benedryl was removed. This left me with occasional tics and occasional times were I would still feel trembly or like I may have a seizure-an unreal feeling?-where it would be occasionally worse but usually better.

I no longer had problems walking. Until June 11th I missed two doses of meds and I'm back where I was in the beginning month. This time I do almost fall when my whole body wants to give out on me , my legs go limp and I'm ticcing verbally and physically all the time. Its easing up with my meds back on track, but this weekend was painful with the muscles contracting.

I've been off work now since Sunday, I had to call off. I was off two months the first time. My husbands lost work because he has to take me to work ad doctor appointments when not doing well, I'm sleepy all the time no matter how much sleep I get. I had ache joints before, so its hard to tell the difference between now and before, but my shoulders have been especially ache. I am going to work tomorrow but I wont be able to drive and that is something I need to do, and my legs are still giving out on me.

Last Updated 6/15/04