Jackie's Story

In December 2003 I was told that I had a UTI.

I was given the drug Floxin which I only took 1/2 of the pill since I do not take drugs and I am a small framed woman and decided to take a small amount the first time just in case I had a reaction it might not be as bad.

Boy... was I wrong... About 4 hours after I took the drug I started to shake all over.. My right leg went numb and started to tingle.. Looking back on that day I was in shock and didn't know what to do. I noticed that my neck was retaining water and I had this pressure behind the left side of my neck.... It was then like a snow ball effect.. I started to develop so many strange side effects muscle twitches, burning throughout my whole body, sweats ,numbness, eye pressure, tingling all over my body, joint pain, my spine hurt so bad it felt like someone hit me with an iron rod, my stomach started to bulge out, the tendons inside of my body started to stick out all over. I looked 6 months pregnant.

My calf muscles began to twitch and move to the front of my leg. The tendons in my feet hurt so bad that I could not walk on my feet. I could not sleep, I cried all day, I had awful nightmares that even when I woke up I could still see and hear the sounds of my dream. I see spots, black, white and blue. I walk like I have been drinking, I have pressure in my head and ears most all the time. Foggy brain... At times I feel as though my thoughts are delayed. Its almost like an out of body experience... My body jumps, jerks twitches so bad it is hard to sleep. It was 9 months before I had my first sound sleep. I paced and paced for months.( Walking on the heels of my feet) I could place my foot flat on the ground for months.

I am still in Physical Therapy to help build up the strength in my legs and feet. I lost body muscle in my legs . I could go on and on......

Its been 13 months now for me.... Date today.... Jan 2005

I haven't found anything to help me. I just pray that God will give my the strength to help me through this and pray that it will go away... Feel free to e-mail me.... We all need all the support that we can get....We all need to hang in there......Jackie from Miami

Last Updated 1/29/05