• Name: Jane

  • Email:

  • State or Country of residence: Georgia USA

  • Sex: Female

  • Age: 47

  • Quinolone taken: Levaquin

  • Reason for the Quinolone: Respiratory infection

  • Was a safer antibiotic tried first? : No

  • How long did you take the Quinolone for? : 

  • How long ago did you take the Quinolone?: February, 2005

  • How much have you recovered as of now?: 90%

  • How often do you relapse or cycle?: Every other day

  • Does your doctor agree the Quinolone is the cause of your problems?: Yes

  • Do you have a history of seizures or neurological problems?: No

  • Please list anything your doctor did that helped in your recovery:  Continue to take Klonopin (small dose) along with inderal 10mg twice a day which I was taking before my encounter with Levaquin

  • What has helped you in your recovery?: Family support, patience with myself( which is sometimes hard)workind in my garden as I feel able. Total withdrawal from caffeine. Drink lots of water and milk




Jane's Story

I was prescribed Levaquin for a severe respiratory infection the last week in February 2005.

I began taking it and had some racing of the heart but thought it might be due to my MVP condition.

After 5 days on it my anxiety level was so high I called my dr. and asked if I could discontinue due to nervousness and he said O.K. On the sixth day after taking my last dose, I suffered a seizure at around 12 am. I could feel my legs going numb and called to my husband for help. That was the last I remembered until I awoke to the paramedics. MRI and CAT scan ruled out any abnormalities in the brain but after a two day visit in the hospital, I was released with no additional meds prescribed.

My local doctor referred me to an Emory Seizure specialist. After a long interrogation and and EEG they finally concluded that they did not have an answer for the seizure. I still cannot drive alone and endured severe panic attacks and hot flashes. I still have a high anxiety level but most days now I am functioning at a normal level. I am so glad to have found this web site. I didn't realize the number of victims from this class of drugs.

Last Updated 8/21/05