Jon's Story

Prescribed this med by a nurse practitioner at a walk-in clinic. 

I didn't think anything about the possible ADRs (I had taken antibiotics w/o incident).  The only thing I was told was that this is a strong drug.  No warnings, precautions, etc. 

First two days went by w/o incident.  By day 3 I would fatigue very easily and had anxiety w/heart palps.  I figured my body needed to adjust to the drug.  I also should've listened to the other voice in my head and stop then! 

On day 5 I took my last dose and later that night the fun started, numbness in the fingertips, shooting electricity down my body, severe anxiety and panic attack, not to mention shortness of breath and chest tightness.

Went to the ER the next day and was treated for a panic attack.  I even carried in the pill bottle and explained multiple times I was seeking emergency assistance per the insert.  Followed up w/my primary and was told that 'you took the drug, there's not much you can do now'.  Well, there is something I can do - speak out and warn others of big pharmaceutical.

My prayers to all others that have been floxed. 

Last Updated 9/06/04