Karrie's Story

Started Cipro April 2004.

Extreme sunburn after a couple hours in the sun. Started getting clubbed feet, so swollen it was hard to move. Stopped the meds and found after a few months I still had the burn and purpura all over legs and arms. Went to the Dr. (not my GP) who referred me to a dermatologist, who told me it was a severe case of photosensitivity.

2 weeks later went to another Dr. since the rash/purpura didn't seem to be going away. The Dr. (my GP) immediately put me on prednisone for vasculitis and possible lupus. 3 different blood tests all came back with no explanation for the vasculitis. 3 days after taking the prednisone my feet and ankles began to hurt upon walking, going up and down the stairs. 2 nights later I was awoken at 3:30 am by the strongest electrical jolt of pain. Felt as if it went through my wrist to the top of my feet. Couldn't walk, ended up going to the ER, the Dr. didn't know what to do for me.

Next day I was stiff and getting little jolts of pain every few mins. Few nights later 2:30 am up again with the pain, as as the following night at 1:30 am Now I sit and relax and out of the blue my arm, finger, foot, stomach will jerk.

Slow reflexes, loss concentration, shakiness, teeth clinching, perception is off.

In May I noticed street signs that I once seen perfectly started looking blurry, went to the eye Dr. now I have a stigmatism. May not be the same but would be par for the course.

I've missed several days of work, my employer doesn't offer sick pay.

My family is great, they've bent over backwards for me, although I know they are getting tired of it.

I can't bend one of my legs all the way it feels like I have a ball behind it.

I think the hardest thing to explain to someone is that electrical shocking pain.

Last Updated 7/12/04