Kevin's Story

I first took Cipro in early 2001 as my urologist prescribed it for suspected prostatitis. I had blood showing in my urine on and off for some time and they did many tests including a very unpleasant cystoscopy (up my spout). Also an IVP showing that kidneys and bladder were OK. He did say that my prostate felt suspect.

I took the Cipro that time for about 6 weeks. I had noticed that my joints began bothering me but just thought is was age and my work. I had been a renovation contractor for almost 15 years at that time. I had x-rays etc and of course everything was fine (for my age and type of work). When ever I had flair ups of the bleeding I took more of the stuff - 2 500mg per day usually for a 2 week period. Then last year in Feb. I passed a kidney stone and the bleeding stopped.

However after taking Naproxen and Cipro, things really began to get bad. I thought that now that I had passed a stone I would be great. I began to get panic/anxiety attacks, some in the middle of the night. I could fall asleep but never stayed asleep for more than a hour at a time. When I awoke my heart would be pounding, I would be chilled to the bone and panicking. Twice I went to emergency with my wife because I thought I was about to die. I lost 10% of my body weight in 2 weeks. I lost my appetite. I began to have alternating diarrhea and constipation. I had a pain in my side and one of the worst things was the incessant ringing in my ears which can keep me awake at night sometimes. As I am self employed I wasn't fired but I can no longer do the same work. The work I do now allows me to do a lot at home. My wife has been very understanding without really knowing what has been going on. I was even convinced that I had a tape worm and took stuff for it. I am convinced now that the drug so thoroughly eradicates the normal bowel flora that the body can no longer break food down and extract the vitamins and minerals it needs. As of today I am feeling much better - seldom any anxiety attacks. I have knee pain in both knees, hip painthat radiates to the groin area both noticeable going up and down stairs or getting in and out of the car. My ears still ring but not quite as bad. My sleep is still not what it used to be but much better. I have put most of my weight back on.

I will not touch another antibiotic of any kind unless I am on deaths door and there are no other options. To all you people out there the only advice I can give is to try and hang on, take Probiotics, hi fiber diet with plenty of vegetables and fruit, water without chlorine and try to do some regular exercise. Get off all the drugs you can. The body is able to heal in time - it may take at least a year if not some years.

Last Updated 1/07/05