• Name: Kiknbac

  • Email:

  • State or Country of residence: USA

  • Sex: Female

  • Age: 33

  • Quinolone taken: Levaquin

  • Reason for the Quinolone: MRSA

  • Was a safer antibiotic tried first? : No

  • How long did you take the Quinolone for? : 

  • How long ago did you take the Quinolone?: 1 Month

  • How much have you recovered as of now?: 70%

  • Does your doctor agree the Quinolone is the cause of your problems?: Yes

  • Do you have a history of seizures or neurological problems?: No

  • Please list anything your doctor did that helped in your recovery:  Nothing

  • What has helped you in your recovery?: Nothing




Kiknbac's Story

I was given Levaquin 500 mg 14 days for a staph infection. The first day I began throwing up and was told by my Dr to continue the med.

I of course had to leave that day. I have worked the same job for 6 yrs and all of a sudden I couldn't remember what I was doing or how to it. I lost my appetite. I also lost 7 lbs.

I had incredible pain in my joints and muscles. I was a 33 yr old in in good shape I run and workout on regular basis. I have a difficult time now with running a mile I can't workout for long.

My wrists and ankles seem to be affected the worst I can no longer stand for long periods at a time or grip things.

I suffered depression and had really scary vivid dreams. It was the scariest time of my life and the whole time the Dr said to keep taking it.

I don't think I will ever be the same again. I will never trust anything I take again. If you have been prescribed this drug DO NOT TAKE it As I said I will never be the same again. I don't wish this on anyone.

Last Updated 8/20/05