Kristine's Story

There is no way to describe how this has changed my life.  What these drugs did to my body is just horrific.

I went from a being a woman with a  urinary tract infection to a woman with upwards of 65 different symtomologies, unable to take care of my family, myself.  I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have come across the science of Dr. Robert O. Young. 

I truly feel that I am here because I somehow in the middle of complete horror found the courage to totally take my health into my own hands.  What this has cost my family.. I could even begin to place a dollar amount on that...this shook us to the children watching me cry uncontrollably, watching me crawl up our front walkway determined to get one bag of groceries into the house when the pain was too much to bare, not being able to carry around my youngest child who was just a nine month old baby when I was given the 1st Quinolone, watching the tears stream down my husbands face as we drove around Boston trying to find a doctor to help us...him begging me to hold on and me begging him to never let our children forget me..........the tens of thousands of dollars that this cost us are nothing compared to what we have been through because of these drugs and the cover up of their toxicity.

I have had to work 24/7 for every bit of health that I have gotten back.  My recovery has been a long hard journey but I am eternally grateful for every bit of it.  Every day is about health in my family now and every moment is fully lived.  I have spoken at alternative health conferences about the my journey to wellness and my husband and I continue to speak to any group or individual that expresses interest.  Every day we will work to help as many people as possible so that no one else will suffer that great horror of the quinolones.

The horror of quinolone antibiotics
*severe gastrointestinal symptoms
  extreme diarrhea
  sudden weight loss  121 lbs to 103 lbs in 4 weeks
  leaky gut
  loss of most of good flora in gut
  inability to break down food
  abdominal pain
*all over joint pain
*severe burning sensation in arms
*chills (in middle of summer)
*drenching night sweats
*extreme anxiety attacks
*night terrors
* skin burned instantly in the sun for 4 days after Cipro
*extreme pain and tendon damage over my entire body
*extreme fatigue
*muscle twitches( worst between my ribs, calves and face
*tingling in hand and forehead
*tremors in hands and toes
*intracranial pressure
*loss of menstrual period for 5 months
Systemic candida
   yeast infection
* burning pain in lungs
*eye pain, floaters ,blurry vision, light sensitivity
* swollen lymph nodes
*hair loss
*swollen liver
*Brain fog
*ear pain, occasional ringing
*jaw pain
*circulation problems
very weird things like
  huge yawns that would come on uncontrollably
  severe burning around outline of my mouth
  feeling like little flickers of water were being thrown on legs

and the list goes on and on......two years and five months later I am down to 6-7 symptomologies....but I work for that every day...

Last Updated 8/17/04