Laura's Story

I am 20 years old, the hell began about 5 months ago now back in January when i went to visit my father in CT.

I was on a bus for hours and was not feeling well when I went up there... kidney troubles and bladder troubles. I went into the hospital with swollen legs and was prescribed Cipro  500mg twice a day for 3days. 

I started to feel a spaced out feeling constantly little floating things crossed my eyes when looking into the light had panic attacks and ended up going to the hospital 7 times while visiting my father.

I have many symptoms such as pain in all of my body,  brain sluggishness very bad eye problems from lack of focus to blurredness to halos above lighted objects. I am constantly dizzy. my skin is awful as well and I seem to be developing more moles or mole like spots on my skin. the worst of it is when I go into panic mode... feels like i am losing control of reality at those points and my heart races badly at times swollen glands in my neck.

There are so many thing wrong with me now and me being ill hard to sit here and type them out...

But just know my life is ruined at the moment.

I hope one day to be the way i used to be again..

Last Updated 5/04/04