Lea's Story


My story is so similar to that of the one on this site [WebMaster], It could just be posted with the name changed. I to took only ONE Floxin and then went to bed, only to awaken with the same terrors. I had my husband take me to the ER and they gave me a shot of benadryl and sent me home. In the morning I felt worse and went back to the ER only to be drilled with the standard questions of - "Are you having problems at home?" I wanted to scream, but couldn't. No! I'm not having any problems, except that I took this drug last night and it has shattered my mind! I could not perform daily tasks, I could not think clearly anymore, I was a basket case.

Finally my Mother came to get me from a different state to try and see a Specialist. Of course after many tests, I was diagnosed with "Extreme Anxiety Disorder" Duh!

My son and I had to stay with my Mother for 3 months while they tried different medications to help me. This only added to my anxiety, being away from my Husband and home and not responding well to some of the medications. The whole ordeal IS living in a nightmare, but I knew that somehow I must keep trying.

Finally I returned home, not much better, and had a referral to see a Doctor here for follow-up. SO again I went and with trepidation told him my whole story, and miracles! He believed me. He stated that He himself had actually taken some Floxin and had an "experience", although he had no long-term side effects. So it wasn't a stretch for him to believe it could really happen. Of course he knew of no way to treat the actual damage done, He did think a new generation of SSRI like the PAXIL might help. Well, six years later I am still on a maintenance dose to keep me stable. I feel almost well most of the time, but can have relapses at any time.

FYI - I did look into filing a lawsuit, but by the time I was well enough to pursue, My states statute of limitations was up. Idaho has a limit of 2 years. Through my searches I was lucky enough to have been contacted my another Woman who had been Floxed and this was my first real hope that others believed me and could share in my misery. She knows who she is and was a Godsend for me. Thank You MB.

PS Thank You so much for creating this website, I have been hoping for this for years.

Last Updated 4/15/04