Lydia's Story

 This is just starting to affect my life and I am really worried. I was prescribed this after having one UTI and getting treatment with Keflex and it came back within two wks. I became severely dehydrated and had to be hospitalized for 4 days. Upon being released I filled the prescription for 5 days of Levaquin.

I took that and no side effects at that time. Another week goes by and the infection is back. My family doctor prescribes Levofloxacin 500MG,1 a day. Probably the first week I started hurting but thought it was temporary and thought I had made myself sore working in the yard. By day 10 I was hurting so bad I decided to look on the internet to confirm this was not in my head. (if you have a depression diagnosis Drs tend to dismiss your symptoms). I have the blurry vision, joint pain, muscle ache/pain, swelling. It is as if I woke up and became a 90 yr old person. Both elbows are sore to touch, my hands joints ache,& are swollen. Both hip joints are sore, joints going down my neck and shoulder feel as if they are bruised .It hurt to walk. Feels like the joints in my feet are sore and swollen. This all started in early April 04 and will soon be 6 weeks. I wished things looked encouraging. I see no relief in my symptoms, if anything I think some days I am worse.

Last Updated 5/12/04