Madeline's Story

In December 2003, I had a paranicia on my big toe and was given Keflex first and told to soak my foot. I got tingling in my lips and felt my right foot was cold and that my body temperature did not feel right.

Eventually, went back to foot doctor who performed nail surgery and told me to put on Cipro hc otic ear drops on my toe. I felt weird in my mouth the next day but thought it was just because I hadn't eaten.  A couple of days later I felt strange when I was sleeping. By day 4, I felt nerve feeling in the bottom of my foot.  The doctor did not know why. I continued the Cipro until day 6 when I barely put any on my toe.

Then the symptoms began to kick in. First my mouth became metallic and dry and this lasted well over a month and my mouth still feels weird occasionally.  Then the nerve feeling in the bottom of my foot moved to pins and needles up my leg. Eventually I felt my blood flowing down my leg and my hands began to feel like they were pursing and stinging all the time.  Eventually the rest of my body felt this pulsing or electrical sensation.  At this point, my foot became unbearable to walk on and the pain sensations had spread to my left foot.  After being fitted for orthodicsts because any walking was impossible. I also began experiencing tremors in my hands.

I have a degree in Economics and a degree in Interior Design and was a practicing interior designer with a building clientele.  I had to take a leave of absence and had to tell my clients to find someone
else because the walking and working was too much for me.  I am also a wife and a mother of two children and it is difficult to maintain a normal household when I don't feel well and can't do much.  What is most frustrating is that no doctors can understand or relate to what is happening or let alone try to help. The thought that I might be like this for the rest of my life or worse is very overwhelming and

Last Updated 6/04/03