Margaret's Story

On Thurs, 5/20/04, my mother, Margaret, 85 yrs old, at 7 p.m. was hospitalized with a UTI and given Levaquin.


At 3 a.m., Friday morning, she awoke with extreme paranoia and delusions.  The doctor said she was acting this way because of the UTI.  She was released later that day after a psychological evaluation and given a prescription for Zyprexa medication used to treat mental/mood conditions like paranoia. 


Upon returning home on Friday evening, Margaret became furtive and wanted to leave the house.  She wanted to fight everyone and would not allow anyone to restrain her.  She saw “spirits” and demanded that the person she thought was sitting across the room from her leave her house.  She was hallucinating, pacing the house, and could not be restrained.  She was taken back to ER, (the same day she was released!).  The ER physicians at this time determined that she was reacting to the Levaquin.  While in the ER, she was given two injections of something to calm her down.  She was admitted and slept the entire next day, Saturday. 


On Sunday, May 29, a test showed that she did not have a UTI.(!!!)  She was released--again.  Her body aches and she sounds hoarse.  She is having dizzy spells, and has been sleeping most of the day.  Margaret is not the same sweet, wonderful person she was 3 days ago.  She is puzzled, confused, and very quiet. 

Last Updated 6/04/04