Maria's Story

Took an Ofloxacin pill 23/8/04.

Within one hour, felt electrical shots through my upper back. Within the next hour, both kneecaps started to hurt, followed by wrists, elbows and forearms. Over the next 24 hours, symptoms include pain in finger and toe joints, skin burning sensation, rash on limbs, pins and needles from slight pressure, stabbing pains in legs, upper arms and lower body. On the second day, sharp pain in heels upon standing & walking. Pain in Achilles tendons in both legs. Dull ache in hip and lower back. Electrical shots in upper teeth, followed by slight numbness extending to right side of nose and head.

As of today, the symptoms that still exists include:

- lower back, hip & shoulder ache
- pain in all joints (fingers/wrists/knees/ankles/toes etc)
- pain in toe/finger beds
- pain in Achilles after some strain (walking/ standing too long etc)

The pain in the left wrist is the worst. There's some difficulty in holding objects like filled glasses. I used to be able to carry 5-7 kg with no strain to my joints, but now I wouldn't even try lifting anything more than 1 or 2 kg cause I know I wouldn't make it. There's a depression (crater) that has appeared in my left wrist which causes pain right to my elbow upon flexing. Haven't had it checked as yet.

No more strenuous exercise and no more dancing. Now I have to sit and walk with care. Symptoms do improve temporarily when resting (eg. sleeping) but start up again upon waking.

Still able to function 70-80% normal, as I live a relatively sedentary lifestyle. My biggest worry is my wrists and Achilles which I think would give me further problems in the future. Hopefully no surgery will be needed as I don't have insurance and almost all the policies only pay out upon total and permanent disability.

Last Updated 8/28/04