Mark's Story

It all started when I had a sinus infection back in September of 2004.

My doctor gave me Avelox.

I started to get a strange taste in my mouth which followed by seeing a ton of floaters in my vision. Next I started to get muscle twitching through out my body. Went back to the Doctor and had a brain MRI, which was normal and blood work that was also normal.

During this time I had major insomnia and I felt that I could not sit still. I felt very stressed out. In November, I started getting a burning pain in my upper back and a weak painful feeling in my hands. The feeling in my hands is now gone, but I still have the muscle twitches and very sore burning pain in my shoulders and upper back. I'm hoping this will go away as the on edge feeling has now gone away. I have not felt like myself since taking this drug. Stay away!!

Last Updated 2/20/05