Marsha's Story

I am a 44 year old female.

I began Cipro for a UTI in June, 2004.

I took the full prescription because it didn't occur to me that my muscle twitching could be from the drug. It began with minor twitching and cramping in the right calf muscle. Soon twitching all over the body.

Doctor could find no neurological cause. MRI showed nothing. Checked for MS and ALS doctor found nothing. December of 2004 took Levaquin for recurrent UTI, muscle twitching and pain grew worse. I immediately made the connection and called to see if I had been taking Levaquin at the time of the onset of the symptoms.

I was told that the doctor had given me Cipro samples on June 3rd, my symptoms began on June, 6th. I now have severe pain in the instep area of the foot, neck and back pain and stiffness, requiring physical therapy. I am a teacher on my feet all day, but sometimes it is difficult. I also have floaters in both eyes now.

I am sorry to say that not much seems to help my symptoms. I would advise anyone contemplating taking this drug to please find another safer alternative. I can only hope that my symptoms will get better and that they will not have a permanent effect on my quality of life.

Last Updated 3/06/05