• Name: Pamela

  • State or Country of residence: Oregon

  • Sex: Female

  • Age: 36

  • Quinolone taken: Cipro

  • Reason for the Quinolone: UTI

  • Was a safer antibiotic tried first? : No

  • How long ago did you take the Quinolone?: 10 months ago

  • How much have you recovered as of now?: 60%

  • Does your doctor agree the Quinolone is the cause of your problems?: No

  • Do you have a history of seizures or neurological problems?: No

  • Please list anything your doctor did that helped in your recovery:  Nothing

  • What has helped you in your recovery?: Organic diet No chicken or any meat that isn't all natural, with no hormones, antibiotics, etc. Omega 3, whole food multivitamins, all natural and extra C. Green teas that are organic No coffee Avoid all restaurants




Pamela's Story

To say that I am devastated is an understatement.

I deal with daily depression from this and struggle everyday to hold my head up. I am 36 and I used to go the gym and lift weights and go to classes at the gym worked on my Master's degree and am a full time mother and nurse without so much as a headache.

I got a UTI, my first one, and was put on Cipro 1000mg. x 3 days. I questioned the doctor about it, cause I had never taken that class of drugs before, but I trusted him, he has been my PCP for 10 years.

I was getting ready for a trip to California and I didn't want to deal with this UTI. I didn't recognize the symptoms right away as a reaction cause I only took 3 days worth, but I felt really anxious and abandoned and had upper right sided quad pain.

I called the doctor and he said it was just kidney pain from the infection. That weekend I was excessively tired, but again I was off the medication and I didn't think they were related, then the horror began with horrible vertigo, and shooting burning pains down both my legs.

The next day after the vertigo, my ears were ringing and my legs felt like I had run a marathon. I went to the doctor and I was told it was a virus and that I would get better with time. I got a little better and went back to work, then the vertigo attacked me again, this time with vomiting. After that I could barely get out of bed, with debilitating fatigue, nausea, parasethesia's in bilateral legs, heaviness in both of my arms, I could barely type on the computer, headache, crawling sensation all over my body, electrical sensations, I could hardly walk for fear of losing my balance, jaw pain, bleeding gums, teeth problems, a sensation of not getting enough circulation to my lower extremities, numbness to my lower extremities. My arms fall asleep at night when I am sleeping and take a long time to wake up in the morning. I also had severe muscle twitching, all over my body, it really likes my right eye. My hearing has been affected and I still having problems with stamina.

Last Updated 8/23/05