Paul's Story

I had been prescribed Levaquin for a sinus infection in late August 2003.

Prior to that I had been on Augmenten and Z-pac. 

After a couple doses of Levaquin I stared feeling severe depression.  At that time I did not know of any side effects of this drug, not did I even think it possible for a drug to make me feel that bad. I blamed it on everything else around me including my wife, work, friends, etc.

I went to sick call at my doctors office after taking the 6th dose and they took me off the drug and put me on Zoloft and Xanax.  Zoloft game me somewhat of a paradoxal effect and I did not take it long. 

Since that time I have experienced tremors of the hands, fingers and head shakes, anxiety, anxiety attacks, strange thoughts, depression, becoming withdrawn, inability to concentrate, blurred vision in one eye mostly but sometimes in both, eye irritation, elevated blood pressure.

These things have broken up my marriage, made my job very stressful and I have withdrawn from my family and friends. I worry about having an anxiety attack when I go places.  If these are still effects from the Levaquin I think they need to stop the distribution of this drug immediately. 

Last Updated 10/5/04