Rex's Story

My symptoms were foot pain; severe Achilles tendon pain; bizarre  electrical sensations in the arms; severe eye floaters; a feeling of fullness or swelling in the lower legs; numbness and tingling in the hands, arms legs and feet; pounding heart; salt craving; chest pains; an eye tic; a right-side headache for two months; out-of-synch eyes; nasal congestion (I have no allergies); and tons of cavities when I usually have about one every 5 years.

I took Cipro in August of 2003. Except for the foot pain, which was instant, the symptoms began in October 2003. At this time, all symptoms have resolved except for minor pain and a scary feeling of weakness in my Achilles tendons, constant new cavities, and the severe eye floaters, which have not gotten better or worse. They are highly annoying.

Last Updated 5/04/04