Richard's Story

Symptoms: Tachacardia, panic, psychosis, anxiety, inability to sleep, shoulder pain, tingling and numbness in right hand leg and foot, loss of memory, cognitive deficit, transient ligament/tendon pain. Lower blood pressure reading jumped 20 points, body temperature dropped to 96.8 degrees.

Quality of life: Very poor, doctor thinks I'm a hypochondriac, constant concern over future and job loss. Now working 15-20 hours per week. Unable to work nights (part of my normal schedule) at this point due to inability to sleep during daytime.

Financial: minor at this point, I'm using sick leave now, don't know how long that will last.

Family: Single, 16 year old son lives with ex-wife. Ex-wife has been wonderful - would not have made it to this point without her help!
Son seems oblivious to my suffering - which is good, I try not to show him how serious my predicament is.
Had minor relapses from a single chicken wing and a McD hamburger.

Last Updated 05/04/03