Shabnum's Story

 I received an intravenous dose of Levaquin at the emergency room for a bladder infection/BLOOD infection, after 4 days of giving birth to my second child. I was also given a prescription to be taken for the next 10 days. Since I had discovered that I had a blood infection, I became scared and my doctor prescribed another 10 days course.

I wish she would have at least checked my blood to see if the infection completely cleared up, otherwise I wouldn't have had to take another 10 days course. I noticed symptoms of the drug after 14 days into the medicine.

My left shoulder and wrist were becoming painful while feeding my child (I was advised not to give any breast milk while on antibiotics). Since I took the dose at night I noticed that I would become very delusional and in la la land when getting up to feed the baby. I finally had to have my husband feed the baby because I could not concentrate. My wrists became painful while holding my baby. I was getting worse. I felt like spiders crawling on my skin, night sweats, headaches and head pains (shooting pain that lasted a few sec), twitches, burning sensations and upset stomach. I also noticed pain in my legs and ankles.

A time came where I could not stand to even feed my 4 year old. luckily it only lasted a week. but symptoms do come and go. After 3 months and 20 days I feel better. I still have the leg/ankle swelling and pain. My wrists still hurt (I have noticed that I cant write properly, my right hand feels very strained and becomes painful after a few sentences).  I started to take a mat pliates class and have been using the treadmill since middle of march 2004. I think exercise has helped me recover quicker. And the use of homeopathic medicine to relieve pain. I don't think I will ever recover fully. But with prayers and God's blessings, I think  I have been saved from getting the worse from this drug.

Last Updated 5/12/04