Sharon's Story

I took one Trovan and I immediately became light sensitive and developed a rash. I felt very weird for about 6 weeks after taking it before all hell broke loose.

I noticed my foot was falling asleep a lot, but worse than what it would normally feel like. I have had so many neurological problems and nerve pain. I no longer sweat. I have pain just about everywhere. I had muscle twitching for 3 years in every spot of my body. I had rectal bleeding, bone pain, headaches, muscle twitching, crawling sensations, some burning, weight gain and puffiness, etc.

When I first started reacting to the antibiotic, I dropped 20 pounds in less than 4 weeks and now I cannot lose a pound. I still have to take something to sleep and I can no longer do any sort of exercise. I used to work out, play tennis, snow ski, swim...I do no physical activity. There is more to share, but that's about it for now. I did have trouble urinating for a while and when I had a bowel movement it was always like diarrhea. Now, that is somewhat back to normal.

Last Updated 6/04/04