Suhas's Story

Was given Cipro (500mg) for 7 days to treat a suspected UTI.

Experienced numbness of hands, Gout, dry mouth, eyes, neck, jaw and joint pains across the body, numb lower lip. Did not think it was related to the drug since neither the Doc or the Pharmacist mentioned anything. On the seventh day I called the Doc and he asked me to stop it right away. It was too late.

About 3 weeks after completing the dose I experienced severe fatigue and all the above symptoms again. Since then I still experience eye pain, neck pain, joint pains, muscle twitching and numbness that comes and goes around my knee, and hands/shoulders. Doctor says it is Fibromyalgia but acknowledges I may be allergic to Cipro. He says give a couple more months so that the toxicity in my body adjusts back to pre Cipro levels. Waiting for blood tests to rule everything else out...

Last Updated 12/07/04