Susan L.'s Story

I took Levaquin for a sinus infection at the end of December 2004. After the 4th pill I noticed severe muscle and joint pain that I had never experienced before. I took 2 more pills then called the doctor because I could not lift my legs or walk or move without pain. I couldn't pick up a coffee cup! My doctor was out of town but an associate told me to stop the Levaquin and to start Amoxicillin. The pain and stiffness did not ease up so I called my doctor a week later and was told to take 2 Aleve per day and to see him if not better in a week.

I refused to take the Aleve because of questions on its side effects, so I stayed in bed for over a week. Even after the rest period I would cry if I had to go buy groceries because of the pain in my muscles and joints. It has been more than a month since stopping the Levaquin and I am 90% better but still have aches and pains I never had before.

Last Updated 2/01/05