Taunda's Story

On April 22, I was prescribed a course of Levaquin, 500 mg. for 10 days for a sinus infection.

The results were devastating. 

For the first few days the fatigue was so bad that I could not get out of bed.   What followed was terrifying.   I had muscle spasm all over my body.  Muscle cramping that started in my calves moved up my back and into my arms. I later developed severe tremors to the point that my thumb was moving all by itself. I am currently suffering in pain/numbness in all of my limbs.

I have treated with a total of 10 doctors and a neurologist from the Cleveland Clinic.  The neuro’s exact words were that the Levaquin was “toxic” to my nervous system.  To date all of my tests have come back negative.  All the regular blood work, CBC’s, ANA’s Mri’s etc.  The doctors do believe that the Levaquin is the problem however they do not know exactly what the Levaquin has done to my body.


Last Updated 6/22/04