Tracey's Story

Started in March. iv Cipro (in ER) a week follow up of Cipro 500mg.April started to feel strange vibrating inside my pelvic area. May ,buzzing feet and hands. Went to MD., lab work urinalysis, came back positive for UTI.

Gave me Cipro xr 1000,for 3 days said the buzzing could be my nerves or from infection. Prescribed five more pills, total of eight days. 1st and second days terrible joint pain , ankles elbows, buzzing tingling, electrical sensations. 3rd day flu like symptoms, crying jags. 4th day burning sensations along with tingling in my hands and feet. Joint pain eased up. 5th day everything full blown tingling , burning sensations now pin pricking sensation all over my body. 

I was hysterical, thought I was dying. Same thing for Sat. Sun Mon Tues. Lip swelled. Called Bayer , they validated all these side effects and took info. Lost a lot of time at work, feel isolated,  Bayer says these ADR's can last weeks to months. This is overwhelming.  I go to work and when it gets too much I leave.  I requested to work only four hours a day, because I do not want to keep leaving in the middle of a work day.

This has impacted my quality of life severely and I have isolated myself from my husband and 12 year old son.  I don't want my son to see me crying all the time.  It is so self consuming ,it is unreal! The stinging sensation (pin pricking) and tingling is maddening!

Last Updated 6/07/04