Name Medication Symptoms
Colin Avelox and Levaquin Aching pains in calves Achilles tendons, Insomnia, Anxiety, carpal-tunnel like symptoms of the wrist, rash
Edward Avelox

Severe pain from left hip through left foot, left leg from mid-calf to foot reddened, severe burning pain in tendons, muscle spasms, depersonalization, anxiety, panic, increasingly severe CNS symptoms with floaters in my eyes which are very dense and almost curtain-like along with anxiety and insomnia which requires three 3 mg. melatonin at bedtime, severe photophobia

Gail Avelox Taste perversion, anxiety attack, heightened anxiety levels (approx 18 months), itchy neck rash (3 months), twitching (still have), forearm pain (months), difficulty with pronunciation (with re-exposure), difficulty finding simple words in my brain (with re-exposure)
Honey Avelox Severe muscle contractions, psychotic reaction, verbal tics, tics, feel like seizures
Linda Avelox Heart began skipping beats and became irregular, dizziness, bright lights appeared in head, full tachycardia, elevated heart rate
Mark Avelox Strange taste in mouth, eye floaters, muscle twitching, insomnia, restlessness, burning pain in upper back, weak and painful feeling in hands
Romina Avelox Anxiety, swollen nose, severe heart palpitations requiring a trip to the ER, severe joint pains, insomnia, twitching, depression, suicidal thoughts, headaches, blurry vision, loud clicking in left ear, memory loss - impacting job performance, dizziness, weakness, loss of appetite
Scott Avelox Dizziness, severe pain in ankle - unable to walk
Sharon Avelox, Factive Fuzzy - foggy feeling, nausea, severe headache, palpitations, dizziness, awful taste in mouth, blurred vision, anxiety, profuse sweating, depression
Sherri C. Avelox Fever, burning aching muscles, extreme pain in elbows and wrists, tongue swelled up, fatigue, muscle weakness, headaches, tendon discomfort in hands and wrists, severe anxiety
Aimee Cipro/Levaquin Taste distortion, developed extreme, rapid, pounding heartbeat requiring several trips to the emergency room and multiple hospital stays, dizziness, tremors, , anxiety, tingling and numbness, pains in hands and ankles
Beverly Cipro Clostridium difficile colitis - fever, chills, rapid heart rate, diarrhea (up to 20x day), extreme malaise that was so bad couldn't get out of the bed
Bob Cipro Severe crippling disabling Central Nervous System Adverse Drug Reaction,  18 Cavities and 4 Root Canals
Bonnie Cipro & Levaquin Severe shoulder pain, pain over entire body, vision problems, heart pain
Bulldoglover Cipro, Levaquin Hallucinations, vivid dreams, heard voices in his head, obsessive/compulsive thoughts, insomnia, severe constipation
Carly Cipro, Levaquin Severe pain down the left thigh, pain in hip and lower spine, chest pain, tingling in hands and fingers, eye floaters, head and neck aches
Christine Cipro, Noroxin, Naladixic Acid Skin peeling off fingers, severe ankle pain, loss of bowel and bladder control, pain in all the muscles of the body, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, psychotic episodes, anxiety, heard voices, head pressure
Christopher Cipro Dizziness, Blurred Vision, Fatigue, muscle aches and sensations
Cindy Cipro, Levaquin, Tequin Severe life threatening diarrhea causing hospitalization, chronic fatigue, dizziness, extreme anxiety
Dan Cipro 15 years old - severe joint, tendon and muscle pain every moment for every single day - for 5 YEARS
Dave Cipro, Floxin, Levaquin Severe joint and tendon pain, loss of hearing, loss of vision and permanent double vision, non functioning tear ducts, severe dental decay including teeth breaking and falling out of my mouth, severe rash, damage to my liver, kidneys and heart, a degree of drug induced brain damage, crippled hands, severe insomnia, accelerated aging and the list goes on and on and on and on
Diana Cipro Vision episodes, Migraine headaches
Dorothy Cipro Extreme fatigue, anxiety, tremors, extreme weakness in arms and legs, aching arm and calf muscles, night sweats, neurological problems
Dorothy Cipro, Levaquin Unstable angina, dizziness, blurred vision, burning pain in back and spine
F. Valdes Cipro Worsened ulcer condition, pain in both legs, no energy, drained, fatigue
Fran Cipro, Levaquin Severe tingling from head to foot and electrical sensations in right lower arm and behind right knee, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, sore lower right arm, minor Achilles tendon pain, depersonalization, agitation
Frankie Cipro Sever back pain, tremors, shooting pain in left leg (nerve) have nausea due to the pain, pain in chest, constant muscle spasms in back
Gail Cipro Severe anxiety, tremendous weight loss, pain throughout whole body, severe pain in hips
Gary Cipro Massive anxiety attacks, joint and muscle pain, burning sensations is shoulders and legs, "pins and needles sensations, numbness, muscle twitching/pain/fatigue
Greg Cipro, Levaquin Anxiety, hysteria, insomnia, foggy brain, visual disturbances (seeing stars), inflammation of joint in toe, decreased strength and stamina, depression
Gregg Cipro Severe depression, suicidal thoughts, confusion, tremors, sweats, spasms, psychosis
Harry Cipro, Levaquin Anxiety, hallucinations, muscle pain, headache, panic attacks, severe pain, suicidal ideology, irreversible nerve damage, muscle damage, heart damage requiring a pacemaker, chronic pain for 7 years
James Cipro, Levaquin Peripheral Neuropathy, very severe for over six months, psychiatric disturbances, mental fog
Jeff Cipro Severe stomach problems, dizziness, pain in thighs and calves
Jennifer Cipro Severe pain in elbow and shoulders
Jim Cipro and Levaquin Persistent stomach pain, agitation, lack of concentration, lack of fine motor control in right hand (dominant)
Joel Cipro Tendon pain all over the body - especially the front of both knees and in both hips, aches in shoulders, feet, ankles, back and chest
John Cipro and Levaquin Muscle twitches in legs, calves, thighs, upper arms, back, and butt, burning muscle pain that usually occurs in the thighs and upper arms/shoulders
Justin Cipro and Levaquin

Severe ongoing tendon and muscle pain, especially in the Achilles tendons, ankles, heels, soles of my feet, calves;  knees (both in front and in back), elbows;  fingers;  and occasionally all over my body (on those days I feel like I have been beaten with pipes and run over with a truck;  it is indescribable agony, Periodic bouts of neuropathies in my hands and feet and occasionally in my face and upper teeth.  The neuropathies include numbness, hyperesthesia (pain upon light touch:  like when you've skinned yourself or have a mild sunburn), parasthesias (feeling things that aren't there, like running water, coldness, heat, vibrations like if you have your hand or feet on a running motor), pins and needles (which can last for hours or even days and can be excruciating:  more like razor blades and shards of glass), neuralgias (intense burning sensations), Visual and auditory disturbances, including 24-hour tinnitus (high-pitched "fax tone"-like ringing in my ears);  MASSIVE increase in "floaters" that I notice even when reading or looking at a wall;  "optical migraine"-like hallucinations as of waving smoke in the center of my field of vision;  swarms of gnat-like spots if I look at anything bright like the sky;  sharp pain in my eyes if the light changes suddenly from dark to bright (even watching TV);  sharp pain in my ears at loud noises (even normal day-to-day sounds like a kitchen cabinet door closing or dishes clanking);  and I wake up every morning to a swarm of multi-colored spots that seem to move so fast that it makes me feel dizzy, Bouts of severe grogginess, drowsiness, "brain fog", and fatigue -- as if I have been injected with a sedative -- so intense that I find it difficult to complete a sentence (I forget where I began), and cannot read or do much of anything -- these bouts can happen very suddenly and without warning though they usually last no more than a day, Occasional bouts of sudden severe and painful rapid heartbeat, anxiety-like symptoms, occasional insomnia (without the emotion of anxiety) or other endocrinological weirdnesses such as "hot flashes" (leaving my clothes soaked) that come on me even when I am not doing anything physical, Intolerances to foods and supplements I used to be able to tolerate

Karen Cipro Anxiety, panic attacks, loss of appetite, numbness in feet, hands and lips, blurred vision, incoherent, racing heart, fluctuation in body temperature, flare-up tendonitis in knee, wrists and elbow
Karrie Cipro Extreme sunburn, clubbed feet, purpura over legs and arms, vasculitis, electrical jolts of pain, jerkiness, slow reflexes, loss of concentration
Kevin Cipro Joint pain, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, insomnia, pounding heart, weight loss, tinnitus, diarrhea/constipation
Kim Cipro Myalgia, partial tendon tear (ankle), burning, tingling, numbness, floaters
Kristine Cipro, Levaquin, Tequin

Severe gastrointestinal symptoms (extreme diarrhea, nausea, sudden weight loss  121 lbs to 103 lbs in 4 weeks, leaky gut, all over joint pain, severe burning sensation in arms, insomnia, chills (in middle of summer), drenching night sweats, extreme anxiety attacks, night terrors, hallucinations, skin burned instantly in the sun for 4 days after Cipro, extreme pain and tendon damage over my entire body, extreme fatigue, muscle twitches( worst between my ribs, calves and face, tingling in hand and forehead, tremors in hands and toes, intracranial pressure, seizures, loss of menstrual period for 5 months, burning pain in lungs, eye pain, floaters ,blurry vision, light sensitivity, swollen lymph nodes, hair loss, swollen liver, Brain fog, ear pain, occasional ringing, jaw pain, circulation problems

Laura Cipro Eye floaters, panic attacks, pain throughout body, distorted vision, developing spots on the skin, racing heart
Madeline Cipro ear drops Weird feeling in mouth, strange feeling when sleeping, nerve feeling at bottom of foot, mouth became metallic and dry, pins and needles in leg, pulsing and electrical sensations, pain in both feet, hand tremors
Mark Cipro Initially unable to walk due to intense pain in both knees, unable to resume a normal life due to pain, partially physically  disabled, especially when trying to walk a few miles
Mark Cipro Extreme joint pain and patella tendonitis, acute heart pain, shortness of breath, anxiety
Mark Cipro and Levaquin Severe Achilles tendon problems requiring multiple surgeries - requiring YEARS of recovery time
Marsha Cipro and Levaquin Twitching all over the body, cramping in the right calf muscle, severe pain in the instep area of the foot, neck and back pain - and stiffness requiring physical therapy, floaters in both eyes
Marty Cipro Dizziness, pains in wrists, blurred vision, anxiety, inability to sleep, leg and hip pains, and an overall feeling of being terribly ill.
Mary Cipro, Levaquin Skin on legs and large portion of body feel on fire, anxiety, panic, hear palpitations, irregular heart beat, swelling of the legs, difficulty sleeping, tendon issues all over body
Megan Cipro Severe panic attacks, difficulty breathing, crippling anxiety, unimaginable body pain
Olivia Cipro Damaged right bicep, swollen knee tendons, swollen shin muscles, quad tendon pain in both legs, chronic pain in LEFT shoulder, weakness and lack of range in the RIGHT shoulder, chronic Achilles pain, generalized weakness, chronic tendon damage
Pamela Cipro Severe vertigo, stomach pain in the lower left side, joint pain thumbs, wrists, and especially left forearm and ankles, ankles visibly inflamed, left forearm so inflamed you could not see the tendons in the wrist, swelling in right ankle (the posterior tibialis tendon), both wrists, left forearm, both hips, jaw
Pamela 2 Cipro Depression, anxiety, vertigo, shooting pains down both legs, vomiting, debilitating fatigue, nausea, headaches, jaw pain, bleeding gums, dental problems, tinnitus
Rex Cipro Foot pain; severe Achilles tendon pain; bizarre  electrical sensations in the arms; severe eye floaters; a feeling of fullness or swelling in the lower legs; numbness and tingling in the hands, arms legs and feet; pounding heart; salt craving; chest pains; an eye tic; a right-side headache for two months; out-of-synch eyes; nasal congestion (I have no allergies); and tons of cavities when I usually have about one every 5 years.
Rocky Cipro, Ofloxacin, Bayril Severe pain in both legs  and feet, pain in Achilles tendons, racing heart, chest pain, flashing lights even when eyes closed, impending doom feeling, uncontrollable shakes, anxiety attacks, extremely low energy levels
Shelly Cipro extended release Anxiety, panic, body shaking, burning skin, rashes, hot flashes, insomnia, hearing sensitivity, light sensitivity, depersonalization, derealization, crying episodes, fear, muscle weakness, pain in legs, Clostridium Difficile infection, severe diarrhea, altered taste, eye floaters, difficulty breathing
Steve Cipro Burning sensations over entire body, leg pain, arm pain, chest pain, irregular heart beat, hot flashes, cold spells, relentless insomnia, exhaustion, brain feels "fried"
Suhas Cipro Fatigue,  numbness of hands, Gout, dry mouth, eye pain, neck pain, joint pains across the body, muscle twitching and numbness that comes and goes around my knee, and hands/shoulders
Susan Cipro Muscle aches and pains. Muscle spasms. Constant pain in my upper back and ankles. Unable to lift any weight. Unable to sit for longer than 15 or 20 minutes without pain. Sleepless nights. Constant pain. Doctors diagnosed Fibromyalgia. Mild depression due to the constant pain and the fact my doctor or the specialist he sent me to can't seem to find out what is wrong with me.
Tina Cipro Bilateral hearing loss, tinnitus, inner ear damage that effects balance, nausea and vomiting, vision problems and pains in both arm and leg joints.
Tracey Cipro Buzzing in feet and hands, terrible joint pain, electrical sensations, tingling, burning sensations, swollen lips,
Wes Cipro and Levaquin Hot flashes, tingling in right arm, hot area in the wrist joint, severe joint and muscle pain, skin located around all joints has thickened and become very stiff
Yves Cipro Numbness and pain in my shoulders, arms and legs, headache, insomnia, panic attacks, eye floaters
Christine Floxin Lost use of hands, feet cramped, bad pain in knees, legs felt like they would fall out of hips, tender shoulders and neck, unable to climb stairs
Gus Floxin and Levaquin Numbness on left side, vision problems, sleeplessness, morbid thoughts/dreams, muscle twitching
Howard Floxin Numbness in feet and ringing in my ears
Jackie Floxin Shaking all over, numbness and tingling in right leg, water retention, neck pressure, muscle twitches, burning throughout entire body, sweats, numbness, eye pressure, tingling over entire body, joint pain, spine pain, bulging stomach, twitching calf muscles, insomnia, depression, nightmares, distorted vision, pressure in the ears and head, foggy brain
Kirsten Floxin Dizziness, strong tiredness, which can happen suddenly, quickly exhausted, bad coordination of movements, sometimes loss of ability to speak, numbness, brain fog, seizures, pain in joints, circulatory disturbance, nausea, fever like symptoms, pain in the region of bladder after exposure, sore throat, canít tolerate sunlight on my skinÖ
MCS, CFS, part of the enzymes of the detoxification pathway I and II are genetically changed and not able to work
Lea Floxin Extreme shaking, head "exploding", loss of coordination, unable to think, depersonalization, extreme anxiety, numbness to left side, jerking, insomnia, bazaar thoughts, weakness, fatigue, pain
Maria Floxin Electrical shots through upper back, pain in kneecaps, wrists, forearms and elbows, pain in finger and toe joints, skin burning sensation, rash on limbs, pins and needles from slight pressure, stabbing pains in legs, upper arms and lower body, sharp pain in heels upon standing & walking, pain in Achilles
Mel Floxin Insomnia, anxiety, tinnitus, depersonalization, constant tremors, frequent muscle convulsions, visual disturbances, extreme photophobia, pain in elbows, severe pain in Achilles tendons
Phil Floxin Dizziness, fatigue, blurred vision, memory/concentration problems, insomnia, panic, anxiety, depersonalization / derealization, jerking muscles, nausea, loss of appetite.
16 Year Old Girl Levaquin Pain in every joint of body, dizziness, rash, red and swollen wrist, severe light sensitivity, severe headache, severe psychiatric problems, suicidal ideation, Achilles tendons and rotator cuffs at the point of rupture, hallucinogenic dreams, needed 29 orthopedic casts, FOUR YEARS later needs a wheelchair scooter
Alice Levaquin Racing heart, chattering teeth, leg & arm tingling, chest pain, numbness in left arm, abdominal pain, nausea, anxiety, hot flashes, night sweats, elevated blood pressure
Andy Levaquin Crippling pain and swelling in the left foot and left knee, pain in left shoulder and chest, anxiety, depression, fatigue, tendon pain in heels and feet
Anne Levaquin Debilitating pain in Achilles tendons of both legs, swelling feet burning sensation on the skin, electrical charges throughout body, pins and needles and weakness in both legs and arms, pain in wrists and elbows,
Bev Levaquin Burning pain in tongue, throat going down to my lungs, face burns, eyes and inner ears burn, Burning in feet and legs, and arms, shoulders, arms and shoulders sensitive to touch, extreme genital burning, low body temperature, fatigue, weight loss, depression
Bill Levaquin Iliotibial band ruptured spontaneously, Achilles tendon rupture
Bill R. Levaquin Carpel tunnel symptoms in hands and arms, extreme pain in feet, tightness in the tendons in arms and legs, pain in my feet, hands, arms, elbows, shoulders, neck
Brenda Levaquin Joint and muscle pain, depression, anxiety, numbness and tingling in the lower extremities, blurred vision, ear ringing
Brian Levaquin Tightness in throat (choking), severe insomnia, disorientation,  depersonalization, severe nervousness, noise sensitivity, depersonalization, foggy brain, severe anxiety attacks, panic attacks, shoulder pain, hip pain, back pain, neck pain, vivid nightmares, depression, cold sweats, sunburn sensations, unable to concentrate, tremors, tingling sensations, muscle twitching, eye floaters, pinching needles sensations
Carol Levaquin Tendon ruptures in both legs requiring bilateral surgery, severe pain in shoulder the rotator cuffs
Carol 2 Levaquin Hip pain, tingling and burning in buttocks, burning in chest, burning throughout feet, weak thighs
Christina Levaquin confusion, 4 hellish nights of total insomnia, depersonalization, hallucinations, anxiety, lightheaded, forgetful, confused, numbness in tongue, popping knees
Cynthia Levaquin Short term loss of consciousness, extreme heaviness in legs, chills, blurry vision
Daniel Levaquin Ruptured right Achilles tendon - requiring surgery
Dave Levaquin Extreme muscle throbbing and weakness, pain in both thighs down to the ankles, arms ache when using them, pain in biceps down to wrists - fingers ache as well, throbbing neck, sore hips
Dorothy Levaquin Chronic foot pain in balls of both feet, inflamed feet and toes, pain in wrists and hand, pain in left leg from knee down to foot, week hands.  Arthritic symptoms in hands and feet.  Stiff hips and legs after sitting for long periods
Eileen Levaquin Excruciating pain in my legs, especially the right knee, numbness in my right hand, pins and needles in my right arm, insomnia
Elspeth Levaquin Strange sensations in head, quivering brain, developed multiple allergies, digestive problems, muscular weakness, neurological problems
Emily Levaquin/Tequin Weakness, pain in upper back, shoulders and neck, increasing pain in left shoulder, down arm into fingertips, shockwave sensation in toes and left arm, burning arms and shoulders with sensation they were falling asleep, shoulders painful to the touch, neuropathic pain, difficulty falling and staying asleep, tinnitus
Ernest Levofloxacin Severe outbreak of blisters, horrible burning pain requiring the use of narcotic pain medication, bleeding, severe regular outbreaks of lesions
Esther Levaquin 89 years old - Severe pain in heels, heels turned black, difficulty in walking - fallen many times, suffering broken bones, bruises, scrapes, X-rays, more physical therapy and other problems, Achilles tendons were partially ruptured, no repair was possible
Gary Levaquin and Trovan After one year my joints and tendons still burn and hurt to the touch. Difficulty walking or sitting without pain. Difficulty sleeping.
Helen Levaquin Severe tinnitus, crying spells, feels like she is dying
HH Levaquin Bilateral tendon ruptures in both ankles - extreme pain, unable to walk
Jane Levaquin Racing heart, seizure requiring paramedics, panic attacks, hot flashes, anxiety
Jeri Levaquin Bedridden with crippling muscle pain, knees ache, knees pop and crackle, pain in hands and arms
Jon Levaquin Fatigue, numbness in the fingertips, shooting electricity down my body, severe anxiety and panic attacks, shortness of breath and chest tightness
Judy Levaquin Extreme stabbing aching pain in knees, shin bones & leg muscles. Low back pain. Killer insomnia. Brain fog. Sudden large (1.5mg x 3.5mg)stomach ulcer. Overwhelming exhaustion, no stamina or endurance.
JS Levaquin Constant chemically-metallic taste in mouth at all times, heart palpitations, weird sensations in hands, feels like pulled Achilles tendons in legs
Justin Levaquin Chronic joint pain in all joints including elbows, hips, knees and ankles. Migraines affecting job. Unable to do anything physical.  Nightmares and insomnia.
Kathy Levaquin Fatigue, weight loss, dehydration, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, blurred/double vision, insomnia, severe headaches, deep depression, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, tingling and numbness in lower legs & feet, cold sweats, paranoia, nausea
Kevin Levaquin Rash on arm, panic attack, burning pains shooting through arms and legs, blurred vision, tinnitus, severe muscle pain, twitching, anxiety
Kiknbac Levaquin Memory impairment, loss of appetite and weight, incredible pain in joints and muscles, depression, scary - vivid dreams
Kyra Levaquin Terrible night sweats, charley horse in calves, difficulty sleeping, severe pain in back and abdomen, severe cramps in toes, feet and hands
Letitia Levaquin Severe lower back, spine and neck pain, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, legs and feet ached, shooting pains throughout the body, vision clarity, insomnia, fatigue, chest pain, shortness of breath
Linda Levaquin Crippling, debilitating pain and weakness in joins and muscles, insomnia
Linda B Levaquin Severe pain in my right hand, elbow, shoulder, both knees, right ankle, irregular heartbeat, tendonitis
Linda C Levaquin Difficulty sleeping, pain in elbows, depression, numbness in hands and arms, swollen face, legs and hands, difficulty breathing, blurred vision, aching over entire body, stiffness in knee, exhaustion and fatigue
Lydia Levaquin Blurry vision, joint pain, muscle ache/pain, swelling, elbows are sore to touch, hands joints ache,& are swollen, both hip joints are sore, joints going down  neck and shoulder feel as if they are bruised, hurts to walk,  joints in my feet are sore and swollen
Margaret Levaquin Paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, pacing, body aches, dizzy spells
Mary R Levaquin Agitation, dizziness, rapid heart beat, jerking, tingling, shaking, stomach pain, nausea, tinnitus, fatigue, anxiety attacks, pain in left shoulder, sound sensitivity
Michael Levaquin Swollen, tender feet and ankles, considerable pain
Osrondy Levaquin Burning muscles, twitching, muscle weakness, muscle pain, insomnia
Patti Levaquin Nausea, diarrhea, increased sweating, seizures, total body aches, fatigue, psychosis, depersonalization, nightmares, insomnia, bedridden
Paul Levaquin Severe depression, tremors of the hands, fingers and head shakes, anxiety, anxiety attacks, strange thoughts, becoming withdrawn, inability to concentrate, blurred vision in one eye mostly but sometimes in both, eye irritation, elevated blood pressure.
Peigi Levaquin Ruptured Achilles tendon in left leg, need to use a scooter to get around, night pains in foot and ankle making sleep very difficult, fatigue and exhaustion
Richard Levaquin Tachycardia, panic, psychosis, anxiety, inability to sleep, shoulder pain, tingling and numbness in right hand leg and foot, loss of memory, cognitive deficit, transient ligament/tendon pain, lower blood pressure - reading jumped 20 points, body temperature dropped to 96.8 degrees.
Richard Levaquin Extreme pain in hips, legs, and especially knees, unable to walk for any distance, could not work for more than 2 hours at a time without almost crying from the pain
Robert C. Frey, M.D. Levaquin Achilles tendon pain, generalized aching, arthritis and back pain
Samantha Levaquin Swelling of face, closing of throat, uncontrolled shaking of body
Sarah Levaquin Face broke out in thousands of tiny water blisters, panic attack, joint aches, tight Achilles tendons, severe pain in back, joints and tendons
Shabnum Levaquin Painful left shoulder and wrist, delusional, unable to concentrate, feeling of spiders crawling on the skin, night sweats, headaches, head pain, twitches, burning sensations, upset stomach, pain in legs and ankles
Steve Levaquin CNS reactions (agitation attacks, extreme confusion, and a very strange insomnia) plus terrible damage to the tendons in my legs (I am wheelchair bound with no prognosis for recovery)
Susan Levaquin Severe tendonitis, Achilles tendon tear, mental confusion
Susan L. Levaquin Severe joint and muscle pain, unable to move or walk without pain
Taunda Levaquin Fatigue, full body muscle spasms, muscle cramping, tremors, pain/numbness in all limbs
Victor Levaquin Severe rash on scrotum and inner thighs
Sally Noroxin Severe abdominal and chest pain, severe gas and choking sensation
Jouj Tavanic (Levaquin) Swollen and painful ankle - unable to walk or do much of anything
Chris Tequin Severe pain in legs (cramps) - unable to walk
Janet Trovan Flu like symptoms that was actually acute liver failure
Joan Trovan Extreme dizziness, lightheadedness, leg muscles unable to support weight, cardiac arrest leading to anoxia leading to currently-existing stroke-like disabilities
Peg Trovan Muscle ache, fatigue, jaundice, and finally metabolic disorder from liver failure
Sharon Trovan Foot falling asleep, neurological problems, nerve pain, muscle twitching, rectal bleeding, bone pain, headaches, crawling sensations, burning, weight gain, puffiness