Forum Posts 2001-2002

These are stories that were posted in the public forums prior to .  The posts come from the yahoo quinolone forum and the medications forum.  They are sorted by date, then medication.  Click anywhere in the symptoms area to bring up the full text of the post.




January 2001

Cipro Disorientation, depersonalization
Cipro Severe depression, severe ADD, chronic insomnia, anxiety disorder
Cipro Left shoulder/arm pain, limp due to Achilles pain
Cipro Chronic tendonitis in both Achilles, muscle weakness in arms, can barely walk
Cipro Muscle twitching and fluttering in chest
Cipro, Levaquin Pain, insomnia
Cipro, Levaquin Pain in joints
Cipro, Floxin, Levaquin Pain
Cipro, Floxin, Levaquin Sick for 4 years
Cipro Ruptured Achilles
Levaquin Cardiac arrhythmia, elevated blood pressure, increased angina
Levaquin Extreme pain, depression, fear, physical exhaustion, jaw pain, abdominal pain, bruising
Levaquin Feel like 100, not 65 years old
Levaquin, Cipro Pain in left arm, difficult walking due to pain in knee, swollen knuckles/fingers
Levaquin Pain in Achilles, mental confusion, severe tendonitis
Levaquin Affects for taking them 3 days
Noroxin Headaches, vision deterioration, tendon/wrist/Achilles pain
Quinolone Black and blue marks
Quinolone Shoulder and back pain requiring a wheelchair
Quinolone Skin rash, Achilles pain, tendon pain, parasthesia
Quinolone Muscle jerks in legs and shoulders


February 2001

Cipro CNS reactions, 2 trip to ER, sensitive to light, depression, confusion, committed suicide
Cipro Tendon rupture
Levaquin Tendon pain
Levaquin Heart palpitations, aching in muscles and nerves
Noroxin Tendon problems
Tequin Stomach problems, dizziness, rapid heart beat after 6 doses


May 2001

Cipro Joint/tendon pain, insomnia, depression, peripheral neuropathy, panic attacks, "out of body" experiences
Levaquin Joint pain, unable to work, Achilles pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, altered smell/taste, peripheral neuropathy
Levaquin Depression
Levaquin, Cipro, Floxin Severe back pain, joint pain, liver lesions, damage to lymph nodes
Noroxin Anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia
Trovan Bruising, muscle spasms, peripheral neuropathy


June 2001

Cipro Neurological problems
Cipro Extreme tiredness, hip pain
Cipro General ADR's
Cipro Peripheral neuropathy, torn tendons, joint pain, depression, insomnia, Racing heart, chest pain, ongoing tendonitis
Cipro Skin rash, joint and muscle pain, visual difficulties, disabled from work for 5 years
Floxin, Cipro Stomach problems 4 years later
Cipro, Caffeine Psychological problems
Cipro, Floxin Liver problems
Levaquin Pain in hip joints after one Levaquin
Levaquin Severe headaches, pain in limbs, possible brain damage
Levaquin Achilles tendon rupture
Levaquin Weak/tired, lost 30 pounds in 4-6 weeks/ GI problems
Levaquin GI problems, difficulty eating 1 month later
Levaquin Back pain and numbness in hands' severe spondylosis
Levaquin Leg weakness, unable to work, nausea, headaches, pain in elbow and shoulder, muscle cramps in stomach and legs
Levaquin Candida rash for 8 months
Levaquin Fatigue, rash, joint and muscle pains
Levaquin Rash, joint pain, skin feels burned and bruised, eyesight declined, pain in arms and legs, cervical spondylitis
Levaquin Muscle cramping, vision difficulties
Levaquin Eyesight fuzzy, eye twitching and pupil constantly dilated
Levaquin Eyelid droopy, pupils dilated, vision strained
Levaquin Nausea, loss of appetite, brain damage, seizure disorder, cataracts
Levaquin Peripheral neuropathy, anxiety, tendon problems, severe nausea/headaches, insomnia, panic attacks
Levaquin Severe GI problems-bleeding from colon
Levaquin Heart rate irregular, pain in elbow and feet, eyelids twitch, working part time now
Levaquin Eye twitching and pupil constantly dilated
Levaquin Left eyelid drooping and vision is "dimmer"
Levaquin Death of 86 year old
Levaquin, Cipro Lost ALL sense of smell for 2 years, joint pain
Levaquin, Cipro, Floxin Severe back and joint pain, liver lesions
Noroxin "Eye popping headaches", insomnia, panic/anxiety attacks for almost a year
Quinolone Joint pain 9 months later
Quinolone Pain in both hips
Tequin GI problems after taking 1 Tequin
Tequin Pain in calf/quad area, difficulty walking
Tequin Fatigue, weakness, insomnia, anxiety, nausea, panic attacks, pain all over the body
Tequin Vision effected, joint pain in fingers and wrists
Tequin Extreme fatigue/weakness, insomnia, panic/anxiety attacks, feel as if I had a stroke
Trovan Massive bruising, muscle spasms, peripheral neuropathy


July 2001

Cipro Psychiatric/psychological problems
Cipro Acute insomnia, arm and leg pain, anxiety
Cipro Tendon pain after 2 years
Cipro Joint pain, panic attacks
Cipro Insomnia, excruciating pain in back, legs and arms
Cipro Acute insomnia, anxiety, depression, paranoia, pain in arms and legs
Cipro Tingling, unable to see out of right eye
Cipro OCD
Levaquin Long term ADR's
Levaquin Tendonitis in both ankles
Levaquin Neuropathy, vertigo, tendon problems
Levaquin Pain in left heal and both legs
Levaquin Eye twitch and eyesight fuzzy
Levaquin Severe GI reaction
Levaquin Peripheral neuropathy, Achilles' tendon rupture, anxiety, depression, tendonitis, joint pain, insomnia, panic attacks
Levaquin Lightheadedness, stiffness in Achilles, pain in calf
Levaquin Pain in hamstrings
Levaquin Visual problems, Neurological problems in brain, burning in mouth and skin after three years from taking one pill
Levaquin Severe hamstring problem in both legs
Levaquin Insomnia, intense pain in tendons, back, hips, taking meds for pain management
Levaquin Panic attack, felt like I was having a stroke
Levaquin Pain in feet and elbows, anxiety
Levaquin Neurological/neuromuscular problems 13 months later
Levaquin Tendonitis so severe-difficult to walk
Levaquin Severe tendonitis for 4 to 5 months
Levaquin Severe tendon pain
Levaquin Peripheral neuropathy, vision problems
Levaquin Achilles and knee pain, nervousness, irregular heartbeat, weight loss
Levaquin Severe tendonitis, joint and muscle pain for over a year
Levaquin Pain in ankles and tendons, nearly crippled me
Levaquin Joint and tendon aches, symptoms getting worse after stopping med 5 days ago
Levaquin Peripheral neuropathy, cardio myopathy, unable to work for 1 year post ADR
Levaquin ADR's research address
Levaquin Dizziness, lightheadedness, palpitations, tendonitis of Achilles
Levaquin Pain in shoulders/upper arms, stiffness in Achilles
Levaquin Damage to small nerve fibers
Levaquin Reactions to drug don't stop after no longer taking drug
Levaquin Severe tendinopathy, nerve damage in feet, bedridden for 3 weeks
Levaquin Tendon damage and leg atrophy, still on crutches since Nov. 1997
Levaquin Leg and heel pain
Quinolone Leg pain, dizziness, rashes on leg
Quinolone Suffering 17 year old since March 2000
Quinolone Lost strength in muscles and arms
Quinolone "Stuffiness in ears", swelling in muscles, joints, tendons, migraines
Tequin Left eye drooping, "dimmer vision", pain in joints


August 2001

Cipro Acute insomnia, back/arm/leg pain, anxiety
Cipro Swelling in tendons, water retention in eyes, tendon pain in legs 2 years later
Cipro Joint pains, panic attack, insomnia, anxiety
Cipro Stroke like symptoms, anxiety, insomnia, paranoia, depression
Levaquin Muscle aches, muscle weakness, numbness in limbs, pain in lower back
Levaquin Hamstring pain
Levaquin Pain in ankles, neuro problems with brain, imbalance walking 3 years later
Levaquin Severe hamstring problems in both legs
Levaquin Neurological/neuromuscular symptoms 13 months later
Levaquin Recurrent severe tendonitis
Levaquin Achilles pain, knee pain, nervousness, muscle tremors, irregular heartbeat


October 2001

Avelox Reaction
Avelox Severe insomnia, depression, aches in muscles, bones and joints
Avelox Severe pain in legs, increase blood pressure, insomnia
Avelox Joint pain, blood pressure increase, severe insomnia, jittery nerves, depression
Avelox Severe anxiety, twitching
Avelox Panic attack, increased blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, anxiety
Cipro Peripheral neuropathy
Cipro Side effects 3 years later
Cipro Sick since taking 6 months ago.
Cipro Pain in tendons and knees
Cipro Incapacitating depression, suicidal
Cipro Swelling in legs, water retention in eyes, pain in tendons after two years
Cipro Achilles/tendon pain that cycles
Cipro Tendon and leg pain
Cipro Neuropathy that cycles
Cipro Heart irregularities
Cipro Difficulty concentrating/visualizing, poor balance, depersonalization, tinnitus, whole body "feels weird"
Cipro/Levaquin Tendon/joint pain
Floxin Pain in arms, leg felt like it was lit on fire, anxiety, panic attacks, dry mouth
Floxin Still recovering from severe reaction from 1998
Floxin My child born after I took Floxin, experienced seizure disorder
Levaquin Leg and muscle aches constantly, nauseated
Levaquin Foot neuropathy
Levaquin Peripheral neuropathy, burning in face and mouth
Levaquin Burning sensation on skin, increased heart rate, anxiety after one dose
Levaquin Joint pain, fatigue, anxiety, tendon pain, demylination lesions on brain, havoc on immune system
Levaquin Joint pain and fatigue, feel like I aged 30 years since taking med 5 years ago
Levaquin Cartilage/tendon damage, on and off use of wheelchair
Levaquin Cyclic ADR's after nine weeks
Levaquin Sore aching joints, painful to walk
Levaquin Serious rash, memory loss, ringing in ears, (brain tumor?)
Levaquin Achilles' tendon rupture
Levaquin Tendon rupture, mouth sores
Levaquin Tendonitis
Levaquin Joint pain
Levaquin Insomnia, angry, "felt like room closing in"
Levaquin Depressed, felt like losing my mind
Levaquin Tendon problems, irregular heartbeat, "sky high blood pressure"
Levaquin Achilles tendonitis
Levaquin Blood pressure increased, later found out heart was enlarged and I had a leaky valve
Levaquin Joint pain
Levaquin Seizure disorder, headaches, cataracts, memory loss, poor judgment, abnormal EEG
Levaquin Severe tendonitis
Levaquin Severe pain in knee and pain in wrist
Quinolone Pain in leg
Tequin Immune system reacting, mouth and throat swell
Tequin Pain in knee, took all strength from hands, mental fog, forgetfulness, weakness